Family History

In loving memory of Mrs. C

Ann D'Oro Cantone (lifestory)

Carunchio, Abruzzo

Located in the provence of Chieti. This city situtated in the center of the Trigno river valley, is the birthplace of Nicola Cantone, grandfather of Nick Cantone.
The cities ancient name Carunca is based on the word carruca, which means "plow". The city was founded in the XII century. Today there are only about 850 inhabitants in this city that offers a stupendous panoramic view.


Castiglione Cosentino, Calabria

Located in the provence of Cosenza. This ancient city, Founded during the reign of Augustus (27 B.C. - 14 A.D.), is the birthplace of the wife of Nicola Cantone, Assunta Grandone.
The city has gone though many changes thruout the years and still today remains an one of the more important cities in Calabria.


Favara, Sicilia

Located in the provence of Agrigento, one of the three great metropolises of the ancient world along with Athens and Siracusa. This Sicilian city is the birthplace of the Nick's other grandparents, Gaetano and Sarah D'oro.
This citys name comes from the arabic word Fawar, which means "source", because of the numerous water streams throughout the territory. It was founded in the XIII century when the king Federico II Chiaramonte had his castle erected there.